Juvederm and Botox Cosmetic - Before and After Photos

This patient is 54 years old and had never done botox or filler because of her fear of looking too fake.  She was now hating the lines so much that she is ready to “do something that will make me look better…but still look like me.”  Her priority was lines in the glabella (frown area), crows feet and the heaviness of the lower face, especially her lower smile lines.   She understood that the treatment would not erase the lines, but rather soften them.  We also discussed the need to do filler in the cheeks and eye area to ultimately lift her smile lines and give her a more youthful look.  We did 25 units of botox in her glabella, 30 around the crows feet and a total of 4 syringes of Juvederm.  She loves her result and has since been back to do repeat her botox treatment as well as adding a few units in her chin area to soften the mental line (line that forms above the chin as we age).  The filler around her eyes will last her an average of 16-18 months and the cheeks/smile lines will last 9-12 months.



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